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Laura Sanchez flamenco fashion

The model and actress Laura Sanchez has just released a collection of fashionable dresses flamenco, she designed and made by the team of Vicky Martín Berrocal.
Laura Sanchez flamenco fashion
Highlight the colors blue and green dress with many ruffles, both in the bottom as on the sleeves and neckline.

In total, four dresses specifically designed for the Feria de Sevilla flamenco with traditional cutting.

The costumes, especially designed at the request of a beverage brand, the promoters will look to be at the fair.

According to statements by its own model, not like most other facets of the fashion world, so we assume this is only one-off collaboration.


Fashion Wedding Dresses Clothing for Teenagers

Maybe the tradition has lost much about the “quince” for many teenagers, but still hosts many entertainments in honor of the arrival of this age by several girls. Fashion and clothing for teenagers now have a variety of styles that seem to have gradually left forgotten some enhancements considered typical of this meeting. For example, a pink color tends not to be considered mandatory. Also being left behind long dresses by way of marriageable or first communion. It is also a way to celebrate the quinceañera appointed and has changed.
Fashion Wedding Dresses Clothing for Teenagers
Because many girls do not think the waltz and even to make a reception with family that day. There is a television program produced by MTV, which shows how some very capricious teenagers celebrating their quinceañera. We’re not sure, but this space may influence the decision of several “Little Women” in deciding to make a conclusion in the same way. Actually define a standard style or several proposals for teenagers is quite daring. Because the course is nuanced female character, and at least us from these lines do not wish to impose dress codes and try to avoid falling into the clichés text in this regard.
Fashion Wedding Dresses Clothing for Teenagers
Then, we consider the most important thing when choosing a gown for quinceanera, if the girl wants a holiday for that time, that question I would wear. It is truly amazing how many mothers or, especially, still looks imposing their daughters to these celebrations. Perhaps still influenced by what they witnessed in their own adolescent stage. Possibly not made them such a meeting and then within your dreams is to make this event the mother or wanted to have that responsibility or yes to embody his daughter. Both of those are really selfish and it looks much, and if and only if the future or quinceañera and wants you to do their “foforro” then we must pay attention to their tastes.

We also believe that it is practical to debut a dress, whatever, which then can be used on other occasions. In the long run it is intelligence because that parent, father or mother alone (a) or persons responsible will not spend on something that will be stored in a trunk for rust.

Short Bridal Veil Original

The long veil is a perfect place for a bride who is very keen on classical traditions. How about instead of a short wedding veil? Indeed, there are also mote women just do not see the role of a wife “too traditional ” and opt for accessories a bit ‘counter but no less chic. It ‘s the case of short veil or veil that tanno a huge comeback in recent months, also because of the vintage fashion, retro rediscovers the accessories that were loved by our mothers and grandmothers.
Short bridal veil behind
Personally I find the choice very chic, perfect for a young bride that will match a modern dress or short. In this way, even if you have long hair, you can solve the problem by wearing a headband with a short veil.
Short bridal veil headband
These unique pieces are vintage, beautiful but also quite expensive and difficult to find, but if you are lucky enough to own one of your mother or your grandmother, a skilled seamstress will have no difficulty to fix candle for your wedding.
Short bridal veil hat
Even the bridal shops now offer many stylish accessories for modern brides: in addition to short veil and veil, you can opt for a simple white circle, a satin ribbon or a fresh flower to focus on the hair.
bridal veil
Choose a fabric clearly a bit ‘hard for a veil that can also be embellished with clear crystals and jewels or feathers, to effect a highly original fashion. What do you think?
bridal veil short feathers

Married for your wedding

The honeymoon is one of the strongest symbols of marriage. Lately, even the honeymoon, it became part of the wedding list. So it’s part of the family, is one of those items to which a pair of newlyweds do not want to give up. The honeymoon can last as long as you want, from one week to a month. You should not have special characteristics, must be a special trip for the couple.
wedding married
You can choose distant destinations or even the house in the mountains. Often there is supported by travel agencies offering packages to ensure that the spouses do not have to worry about anything and just enjoy your holiday. However, the cost of such travel, it becomes increasingly difficult to address, and then choose the travel agent as a dating agency where to file their wedding list.

The travel agency will make sure to share your trip so that each guest can give a piece of the journey. Are chosen for the most exotic stages. The dream of relaxing in places dominated by the sun and blue water attracts everyone. But remains in first place overall in New York and the United States as a destination for honeymooners. Hawaii is a paradise for newly married couples.

You can try to take a trip visiting the United States. Or why not treat yourself to relax for a remote island in the ocean. The important thing is to live with the best / your / a partner. Must be a trip that also will remain as a reminder of the couple.

Sebastian Bridal Shoes Naked With jewelry

It is no coincidence that these shoes are called Diamond: the sandals are bare, but not at all like expecting the invisible nuance, signed by Sebastian for the spring-summer 2011.
The two-tone shades of beige powder that melts into the complexion of the wearer stands or on the most amazing summer tan sandal gives movement to the lists made ​​up of subtle and discreet. Discrete, if not for the triumph of light that dazzles from the flower center, laser-cut and built to accommodate each petal on a shiny stone.

To add even more flare recalling the studs that Valentino took the runway for this season also involved the little dots of gold that run along the t-bar that climbs over the instep and then around the ankle, embellishing. The same pattern appears in the middle of the flower and leaf that finishes it. But not all.
The model is notable for its delicacy and grace thanks to the fine lines tall and featuring the entire building. The heel is rigorous, the most classic, and gives 11 cm. more. The platform, although present, is almost invisible, because subtle and internal, covered with the same suede used for lists and for covering the heel. What do you think? They are on to 420 €.

How to avoid wedding stress

The preparations for the wedding is very stressful and something that hits a bit ‘all the brides, so that in the United States was even coined the term Bridezilla to define those women coming to the altar in premarital anxious.

Apparently, the period preceding the most beautiful day of a relationship is so magical, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of our lives, and can also lead to doubts on the partner.

It says a psychologist and expert on human behavior, Dr. Pam Spurr, who also offers some tips on how to avoid losing sleep the day before the wedding and a possible mental and physical collapse of the bride.

First we must enter into perspective that you are marrying: it is a step that changes your life, it is normal to worry a bit ‘and also ask if you made the right decision is not so unusual. We must accept that the concerns do not happen only to us but to most of the couple.

When you feel too anxious and stressed, we remember why we have fallen in love and marry the person we are, how they make us feel loved, that makes us laugh … all the good times and beautiful that we spend every day. This will help us. A good way to chase away the nervousness is also to look at a picture that portrays us together, happy and smiling, and thinking that getting married is the step that will lead us to live a happy life with our half.

One of the reasons that may cause more anxiety and nervousness is to think that when we walk into the church to get to the altar, we are inevitably in the spotlight and we all look. To some, this thought is a nightmare: we practice putting ourselves in the mirror, wearing a wedding dress, shoes, accessories and smile: we should avoid worrying too much.

Two weeks before the big day we check that our wedding dress there is good and who is not required any changes final. This will soothe. In addition, we dance at home, take dance lessons, or if we are already able to teach our partners how to dance, so as not feasible bit ‘before the wedding reception.

Do not leave anything to chance and make sure that everything is perfect for the big day: dress, shoes, underwear and accessories should be already prepared and selected, so that the day before we can relax and not be anxious to forget something.

Let us talk of mind about what to say to our partners, and delegate tasks that can be carried out by friends and relatives, not to weigh too much we give a list to each of them, and probably will help us willingly. If we do this, we get to the big day in the form and we will not let anything spoil anything: rilassiamoci, it’s time to live a quiet life beside the person you love.

The wedding shoes Jimmy Choo

The wear stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and her shoes are more fashionable in the world. Jimmy Choo now has a collection for the brides. Simply wonderful!
When the big day approaches, in addition to choosing a wedding dress, the girls also have to cover an equally important detail: the shoes.
Among the world’s finest collections is that of Jimmy Choo, which has a line for the bride and even for mom!
The proposal bridal designer is obviously totally white and has 5 exclusive models. Although very simple, Jimmy Choo shoes are the details that make a difference, like a little lace or a strap in the crystal.
The line consists of super-stylish sandals, heeled and peeptoe, leaving no bare foot too and are suitable for spring and autumn.
The heels are all kinds: high, low and with the plateau. In short, every bride, his model.
What do you think of the collection? We make your heart beat?