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There are many designers in competition at Cannes 2011 … No, we have not confused designer with actors and directors, as you know very well the red carpet at the French film festival is always a fashion show which sees in the race and house designers around the world vying to win the Palme for best dressed and best dressed. In this race there was Giorgio Armani, who wore several celebrities who have trod the red carpet, with Margherita Buy Claudia Cardinale.
the star dressed in Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani could not be present at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival celebrities dress up with gorgeous clothes. The designer has just got back from having even dressed in a suit every episode of the new spring / summer 2011, Simona Ventura at the latest edition of the famous island, where the blue was the dominant color.
the star dressed in Giorgio Armani
And the blue was the color seen on the clothes that Armani has chosen for the celebrities who have been entrusted to him during these days of the Festival, which was attended by many celebrities dressed in finest clothes. The designer has dressed the Italian actress Margherita Buy, and for the photocall of the afternoon he wore a short black dress, while the evening opted for a long blue dress decorated with sequins.

Blue dress was also Roberta Armani, niece of the Italian designer pr always present on the red carpet, as well as the beautiful supermodel and spokesperson for Max Mara and Bottega Veneta Karolina Kurkova, wrapped in a beautiful Armani Privé gown. Very elegant and charming as ever even Claudia Cardinale, with a long dark blue dress that left her shoulders bare.


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