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It is no coincidence that these shoes are called Diamond: the sandals are bare, but not at all like expecting the invisible nuance, signed by Sebastian for the spring-summer 2011.
The two-tone shades of beige powder that melts into the complexion of the wearer stands or on the most amazing summer tan sandal gives movement to the lists made ​​up of subtle and discreet. Discrete, if not for the triumph of light that dazzles from the flower center, laser-cut and built to accommodate each petal on a shiny stone.

To add even more flare recalling the studs that Valentino took the runway for this season also involved the little dots of gold that run along the t-bar that climbs over the instep and then around the ankle, embellishing. The same pattern appears in the middle of the flower and leaf that finishes it. But not all.
The model is notable for its delicacy and grace thanks to the fine lines tall and featuring the entire building. The heel is rigorous, the most classic, and gives 11 cm. more. The platform, although present, is almost invisible, because subtle and internal, covered with the same suede used for lists and for covering the heel. What do you think? They are on to 420 €.


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