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Short Bridal Veil Original

The long veil is a perfect place for a bride who is very keen on classical traditions. How about instead of a short wedding veil? Indeed, there are also mote women just do not see the role of a wife “too traditional ” and opt for accessories a bit ‘counter but no less chic. It ‘s the case of short veil or veil that tanno a huge comeback in recent months, also because of the vintage fashion, retro rediscovers the accessories that were loved by our mothers and grandmothers.
Short bridal veil behind
Personally I find the choice very chic, perfect for a young bride that will match a modern dress or short. In this way, even if you have long hair, you can solve the problem by wearing a headband with a short veil.
Short bridal veil headband
These unique pieces are vintage, beautiful but also quite expensive and difficult to find, but if you are lucky enough to own one of your mother or your grandmother, a skilled seamstress will have no difficulty to fix candle for your wedding.
Short bridal veil hat
Even the bridal shops now offer many stylish accessories for modern brides: in addition to short veil and veil, you can opt for a simple white circle, a satin ribbon or a fresh flower to focus on the hair.
bridal veil
Choose a fabric clearly a bit ‘hard for a veil that can also be embellished with clear crystals and jewels or feathers, to effect a highly original fashion. What do you think?
bridal veil short feathers