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2011 Popular Lace Wedding Dresses

As we saw in the royal marriage of William and Kate, and as we have repeatedly said the lace is the fashion of 2011 in wedding dresses.

Wearing lace dress, however, is not all and above all we must be very careful to choose the model most suitable for us to be and feel beautiful in our most important day.
The lace presents both advantages and disadvantages: it makes the dress and the bride a romantic touch of class only, but at the same time if not used in the right way, creates trapasparenze that can bring down in the vernacular.

Moreover, not all are suitable for brides to wear the lace, which is best suited to young girls with facial features and skin is very delicate.
But this is not the rule, because then you have to take into account model to model.

If you are not completely convinced to wear a dress covered with lace, we can find the trick: the most widely used is to wear clothes with lace bodice and skirt in other tissues, such as the one chosen by Kate Middleton.
Otherwise we rely on the delicate lace in choosing accessories: veils, coprispalla or shoes that add a dress cut very simple.