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How to avoid wedding stress

The preparations for the wedding is very stressful and something that hits a bit ‘all the brides, so that in the United States was even coined the term Bridezilla to define those women coming to the altar in premarital anxious.

Apparently, the period preceding the most beautiful day of a relationship is so magical, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of our lives, and can also lead to doubts on the partner.

It says a psychologist and expert on human behavior, Dr. Pam Spurr, who also offers some tips on how to avoid losing sleep the day before the wedding and a possible mental and physical collapse of the bride.

First we must enter into perspective that you are marrying: it is a step that changes your life, it is normal to worry a bit ‘and also ask if you made the right decision is not so unusual. We must accept that the concerns do not happen only to us but to most of the couple.

When you feel too anxious and stressed, we remember why we have fallen in love and marry the person we are, how they make us feel loved, that makes us laugh … all the good times and beautiful that we spend every day. This will help us. A good way to chase away the nervousness is also to look at a picture that portrays us together, happy and smiling, and thinking that getting married is the step that will lead us to live a happy life with our half.

One of the reasons that may cause more anxiety and nervousness is to think that when we walk into the church to get to the altar, we are inevitably in the spotlight and we all look. To some, this thought is a nightmare: we practice putting ourselves in the mirror, wearing a wedding dress, shoes, accessories and smile: we should avoid worrying too much.

Two weeks before the big day we check that our wedding dress there is good and who is not required any changes final. This will soothe. In addition, we dance at home, take dance lessons, or if we are already able to teach our partners how to dance, so as not feasible bit ‘before the wedding reception.

Do not leave anything to chance and make sure that everything is perfect for the big day: dress, shoes, underwear and accessories should be already prepared and selected, so that the day before we can relax and not be anxious to forget something.

Let us talk of mind about what to say to our partners, and delegate tasks that can be carried out by friends and relatives, not to weigh too much we give a list to each of them, and probably will help us willingly. If we do this, we get to the big day in the form and we will not let anything spoil anything: rilassiamoci, it’s time to live a quiet life beside the person you love.